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Free Use is awesome!!!!! Wow! What a great series! This first one is the best of the three so far. Can’t wait for more!
This series is fire!
I am very excited to see how this series develops. I enjoy public and open sex fantasies and I love the indifference of bi-standards during various sex-capades. I loved how the daughter was indifferent to her mother being groped and I loved the mother's indifference to the daughter being fucked. Very hot!!!
The right mix of interesting/arousing situations with good dialog and action that keeps you in the fantasy
so excited to see this become a series!
best site ever
Holy shit. Please come out with more videos in this series.
loved the ending, love watching cum spurt on the girls hair
It's just WONDERFUL how many "family fun" videos you are creating... super for masturbating to... please make MORE, MORE - & MORE!!!
Paisley Paige gives an amazing performance here. Her facial expressions and reactions to sexual advances are spot on.
That was awesome more like this, please. Nice close-ups of the face and slow action.

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